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The hotel is one of the central places for the departure of many excursions of varying difficulty and altitude, on foot or by mountain bike.
One can take walks to the Alpe Pal├╣ (1 hour), Lagazuolo (1 hour), Motta (2 hours), Primolo (1 hour) or longer hikes such as Longoni (3 hours), Ventina (4 hours) and many others.

The glacial path “Vittorio Sella” goes from Alpe Ventina towards the front of the Ventina glacier, one of the most famous in Valmalenco.
The Valmalenco Geological park allows one to observe major rock samples hundreds of millions of years old, connected by a descriptive path that teaches the geological history of the valley.

The “Muretto Pass” which opens to Switzerland is an ancient path of communication between the Valtellina and the valleys of the Rhine, used since antiquity. Today it is a wonderful trail for a nice walk.

Located in the area of St. Joseph an observatory transmits maps of the sky. Guided tours and introductions to the project are available at the Chiesa service centre in Valmalenco.

The nearby Val Sissone enriches the diverse heritage of the valley with its hundreds of mineral varieties observable along a Mineralogical route suitable for anyone.

During the summer, many shelters organize parties and in the evening, to accompany one’s holiday, the town of Chiesa offers numerous art, music and culture demonstrations.

For the little ones, just in front of the building, a green area houses a playground and a bowling alley. Also a well stocked grocery store is available for every necessity located within walking distance, with a small church in the same square.